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We increased ROAS
by over 400%

Case Study: Circufiber

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Learn how diabetic sock company Circufiber partnered with Left Coast Agency to 5x their ROAS through User-Generated Content (UGC) and TikTok ads

More than just socks

When the average consumer thinks about socks, the response is usually somewhat neutral - they’re socks.

When we were introduced to diabetic sock company “Circufiber” in 2021, however, we knew they had something more than that.


That being said, despite creating a truly impactful product, they were still faced with a business problem common among many other small businesses across the country - growth.


Showing up at the (digital) job site

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For the first few months, aside from the ubiquitous goal of driving sales, we wanted to simply understand their customer:

  • What type of content resonates best?

  • What Call To Action drives consumer action?

  • Who exactly wants or needs this product?

  • Why?


With that, we launched a series of ads on Facebook - product shots, static images and testimonial videos - concepts to test the water with in order to answer some of those key questions and inform how to best position the product.

So what did we find?

Consumers like to see the product and how it looks when you wear it.  However...​ 
Consumers love to hear it directly from those who use the product in their daily lives.
We were able to gain a key insight that testimonials resonated extremely well with consumers for these products, though with a Q4 2021 ROAS of 0.43x, we knew we had to double-down on that concept to drive the results that the Circufiber team expected.

The clock was ticking. Tick tock.

Content, Content, and More (Authentic) Content

Going into 2022, our two top priorities here were to:


  1. Create a wealth of authentic testimonial content

  2. Find the optimal channels to deliver that content


To rapidly solve the first goal on our list, we entered into a partnership with HeySocial - a company specializing in content creation for micro-influencer user-generated content.


Most importantly, this content wasn’t your typical polished, corporate, “ready-for-tv” ad creative - it was authentic.

Real people tell real stories about the products. Set in living rooms, backyards, and lived-in basements - not filmed on expensive hardware in a professional studio.


Everything we learned through the first few months of working with Circufiber led us to believe that this style of content would resonate best with our target market, so we invested heavily in bringing this concept to life.


Through this partnership, we were able to quickly go from concept to finished creative assets in a matter of days - allowing us to focus on delivering value to our client.


First goal of 2022? Check.

Did Someone Say TikTok?

In order to tackle the last remaining goal here, we decided to activate a channel that we had been exploring for several months at that point - TikTok.

Given that it’s a digital advertising platform, TikTok Ads inherently has some baseline similarity with Facebook Ads - though we quickly realized that the platform was fundamentally different in a lot of very powerful ways.


For one, there’s a ton of data not only on what interests users have but how recently they’ve engaged with that type of content - adding additional layers of validity that you’re engaging with the exact audience you’re looking to connect with.

More importantly, however, is the fundamental nature of the platform itself:

  1. Fast-paced content from authentic, relatable voices.

  2. Full-screen visuals with a single, edge-to-edge focus.

  3. A focus on content discovery - not just delivering updates from the creators a user follows.


With this in mind, we were now in a strong position to deliver value to our client given that we had:

  1. The right ingredients (User-Generated Content)

  2. The right channel (TikTok)

At this point, it’s a matter of testing, learning, and scaling.
Second goal of 2022? Check.

The Results

Three weeks after launching these new ads simultaneously on TikTok and on Facebook, we learned three key lessons:
  1. User-Generated Content is a great idea.

  2. TikTok Ads are a great idea.

  3. User-Generated Content on TikTok is a game changer.

​If you’ll recall, our baseline was a 0.43x ROAS from October - December of 2021 (Q4). 

With that in mind, here’s where we stand after three weeks:



As you’ll see, even on Facebook, we were able to over double our ROAS simply with strong, authentic creative.

And when you bring together strong creative and a platform designed to highlight that exact style of content - we saw individual ad performance exceeding a 5x increase in ROAS on TikTok.


The best part? We’ve barely scratched the surface regarding audience and creative testing.

These are the early results from our first wave of testing within the platform. Over the next few weeks and months, we have a series of additional tests we’ll be running to optimize the campaign results further here.


Expect a “Version 2” of this Case Study later this year, where we review updated findings, learnings, and performance.

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